"Working with someone who “gets it” is all I can ever wish for in my industry. Karim is someone who not only gets it but also is always one step ahead. Karim is a creative, unique and talented individual that I have had the pleasure to work with in the past year. I highly recommend Karim; I know his exceptional work ethics will be an asset to any company!" Eman Redman, Creative Artists Agency

"I had the distinct privilege of working with Karim during his tenure at Diageo and more recently, partnering with him on a strategic multicultural marketing initiative through his most recent role at Charmer Sunbelt. It is from these experiences and the multiple interactions we’ve had on a personal level that I can truly attest my belief in the Karim Lateef brand. Regardless of the circumstance, Karim has an authentic way of making you his number one priority even when his bandwidth is stretched. Karim's vision and more important, seemingly effortless idea implementation and value creation is a testament to his dedication and prowess. Get to know Karim and I am confident you will become a believer." Monte Burrow, DIAGEO

"Karim possesses the virtues of character, commitment, and integrity. I truly valued his work ethics and most of all his ingenuity to authentically align our programming against the right properties that ultimately built awareness and sustained sales. I highly recommend Karim as an ideal colleague for any corporation." Jacquie Lee, Credit Suisse

"I worked with Karim during his tenure at Diageo. He demonstrated great passion and ownership of the brands he managed by taking personal accountability of the brands he managed. He lived the companies values like "Be Authentic and Working With Integrity" by taking calculated risks and being empowered to be himself. This is evident in the worked he did being hand picked to work with Smirnoff's Master of the Mix national marketing campaign. I think he's a great asset to any company!" Fairrah Jackson, Pernod Ricard

"I have worked with Karim Lateef for the past three years. He is a creative, entrepreneurial marketer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty on every project we both worked. It was widely known within Diageo that if you wanted something done in the D.C./Maryland area - call Karim. He keeps his calm under stressful situations and he defines the term 'team player'." Tammy Thompson, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

"I have had the pleasure of working with Karim in the past few years while he has exhibited the highest level of professionalism, creativity, and leadership qualities. He is an effective communicator with incredible time management skills, and he is a great relationship builder. Karim has a very strong work ethic and he would be a great asset to your organization." Kim Woodlen, Coldwell Banker

"I have had the pleasure of working with Karim at Diageo. Karim exhibits a rare combination of creativity as well an understanding of the commercial needs and the impact within the market. His effective use of these skills combined with his entrepreneurial attitude is a winning combination." Michael Lagonigro, Hanover Foods Corporation

"I had the pleasure of working with Karim while I was the Senior Brand Manager of Ciroc in the US - he was one of the most driven and talented multicultural managers across the country that conceptualized, developed and executed impactful, results driving programming to significantly accelerate growth of Ciroc Vodka in his region, while inspiring other field sales and marketing managers across the country. We regularly used his programs and ways of working with partners, influencers and customers as "best practice" to drive brand performance. His passion to do what is needed, and his sales and marketing capabilities to know what is best for the brands to unlock growth, is invaluable. I truly enjoyed working collaboratively over the last few years with Karim to build a strong and successful brand within the marketplace." Andrea Sengara, Combs Enterprises

"Karim is a great leader and has been a personal mentor of mine since I have known him He has exceptional work ethic and a gift for bringing his great ideas to light." Mike Brown, Brown-Forman

"Karim Lateef has an impressive work ethic; he is extremely hard working. His go-getter attitude complements any team. Over the years, he has proven to be an asset as he operates with high integrity and professionalism." Dia Simms, Combs Enterprises

"Over the past 3 years I have worked Karim and learned a great deal off of his strong work ethic and ability to make a program grow into a success. Karim is a very sharp individual and I valued his opinions and directions throughout my short stint working with him. I feel Karim is ahead of the game in his line of work and has the ability to multi-task and grow brands and volume through is intelligence and great work ethic" Shawn Hefferin, Giant Food

"Karim is a highly skilled, versatile sales and marketing exec that brings an entrepreneurial edge to everything he does. I worked with Karim to develop and execute a multi-cultural sales and marketing strategy for Jeremiah Weed in Washington, DC. Karim's ability to develop and lead both sales and marketing aspects of this strategy proved invaluable as his leadership more than doubled the business in key on-premise accounts" Judd Zusel, Bacardi Global Brands

"Karim Gets It! He's "plugged in" and has a pulse on what's next and a talent for identifying the cool factor across a range of markets and demographics and interpreting it's value. I've had the opportunity to talk with Mr Lateef at length about experiential marketing, branding, and brand building and can say without reservation that his knowledge coupled along with his unique perspective would be invaluable to any company lucky enough to work with him." Rakiyt Zakari, The Original David

"Karim has become a true ally and a go to guy for our Multicultural efforts at Diageo. I have always valued Karim's expertise within the Urban market segment. His work on developing our Smirnoff Master of The Mix program demonstrated his knowledge of this strong consumer segment but also his knowledge on how to bring a marketing program to life and relevant to generating incremental sales. I value my relationship with Karim and I look forward to working with him again." Renee Cavazos, Moet & Hennessy

"I had the pleasure of working directly with Karim for the past 3+ years. During that time Karim has continued to show his passion for our business and our brands. His ability to drive programming into the markets and build relationships with key stakeholders has made all the difference in his success to-date. Karim's contribution on Ciroc Vodka (as an example) helped drive the brand from 6.5K cases to over 190K cases in the Mid-Atlantic region. Karim has strong relationships with retailers, promoters and our distributors in the DC/MD markets. His connection to the Multi-Cultural / Urban market is strong and clearly has the Marketing savvy to be successful given his commercial experience. He has great ideas." Ron Melillo, Treasury Wine & Estates

"I highly recommend Karim as both a businessman and extremely talented individual. Karim is a highly creative and driven marketing and brand management professional. If found my experience working Karim to be rewarding in every sense due to his creativity and unique ability activate and grow product and brand awareness. I have worked with Karim over the past four years and its been an absolute pleasure. He has my highest recommendation." David Chandler, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

"I learned early in my career that referring and/or recommending a person who may not be a good fit can seriously undermine your credibility. Karim is a very talented, driven and reliable professional, and I cannot think of anyone I would endorse more. I had the pleasure of working with him on several projects since joining WWL 3 years ago. Karim was able to very successfully develop and execute very creative ideas to help market our brands within a Multi Cultural market. His knowledge of the market was excellent and his opinions on how to develop brands within not only multi-cultural markets, but the general market as well were sought after by senior marketing managers. In my experience with him, I found that Karim made smart business decisions and exercised great judgment that benefited not only his market, but also the Mid-Atlantic Division as a whole. In working in the field with Karim, I found that he had developed strong relationships with his clients and colleagues. He is an extremely hard worker with great loyalty and commitment. The consummate professional, Karim has thorough knowledge of, and takes great pride in his work, and is the pinnacle of what a marketing manager should be. I am honored to have the opportunity to endorse him." Chang Park, Washington Wholesale

"Karim represents the Diageo brand with a global outlook by understanding the importance of consumer demographics in the ever-growing multicultural business arena. He brings a dynamic approach on the liquor marketing culture and its impact on business. His pulse to the consumer and industry is remarkable and his teachings on the return on branding influence are equally interesting. It's always a pleasure working with individuals who are amazing at what they do and Karim is one of those kind of people." Yodit Gebreyes, Favorited By Yodit

"Karim is a phenomenal asset to Diageo. He has consistently driven growth of our portfolio by harnessing insights to develop national and local programs that deliver amazing consumer and shopper connections with our brands. Karim is as adept at visionary leadership as he is at "rolling up his sleeves" to ensure his distributor partners deliver flawless execution at the moment of choice. I frequently showcase his work as national best practices because the Karim Lateef brand represents excellence....all the time." Marvin Freeman, Tenth & Blake Beer & Cider Company